“Believe me, all the religions together do not teach more than confectionery”

Excerpt from Tabacaria by Álvaro de Campos - Fernando Pessoa


In Lisbon, Paris or Hong Kong, London, New York or São Paulo, there are more and more people delighted with that sweet with the taste of Lisbon. Some want to prove an original recipe. Others want to bring back memories of a genuine flavor. Everyone wants to eat pieces of taste, pleasure and happiness.

NATA is born to transform the sweet of Lisbon in a planetarium sweet. NATA is born to reveal to the world a genuine recipe which carries the cultural, social and gastronomic values of Lisbon. The Lisbon of ginginhas and bicas com cheirinho, of poets and singers, of the hills and the artists. NATA will fulfill its destiny: to fill the world with sweetness. NATA is an idea of a city and of a country that is destined for success. NATA believes it will be the first Portuguese franchising with world economic projection.


NATA took its first steps in 2011. June 26, 2012 opened the first unit in the typical district of Príncipe Real. A few days after the opening, it was on the pages of "Time Out Lisboa"; Portuguese newspapers Público and Expresso; Le Monde and L'Express; on  National Televison, channels SIC Notícias and TV5 Monde, among other around the world. This sudden success is due to the originality of the franchise, a simple idea, based on solid pillars and the quality of the custard tart.

NATA is a genuine recipe, developed by a team of highly regarded pastry professionals, so it can preserve all its delightful characteristics anywhere in the world. This was always the goal. All processes, from manufacturing  to conservation, passing by transportation and preparation, are designed to ensure that the fabulous experience of biting one custard tart (NATA) is exactly the same in Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Macau, Toronto or Buenos Aires.



 An exclusive recipe

The formula NATA - an exclusive recipe developed by a team of highly regarded pastry professionals, and winner of the "blind test" (*) final evaluation performed by an internal panel of tasters in the Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Lisboa (School of Hotel Services and Tourism of Lisbon).

This unique recipe is ensured in all NATA Lisboa units around the world, thanks to a manufacturing and cooking process with top quality control throughout the whole operation.

 (*) - A result of "blind test" performed on May 11, 2012 at the School of Hotel Services and Tourism of Lisbon, NATA was the winning recipe for nine of the twelve members of the scoreboard.